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June 24th, 2007 - za_sinister — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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June 24th, 2007

(no subject) [Jun. 24th, 2007|01:16 pm]

This Sinister Series is the aforementioned BBC series entitled Spine Chillers. 
Thanks to the multitude of fellow astronauts who contributed to assembling missing pieces to both series - Astronauts Doug, Walt, Chase, Shaun, Stephen, Tommy, Martian Agent Martian and the Elder God known only as From Whence It Came.

Here's additional info on these shows originally published at http://www.old-time.com/:

SPINE CHILLERS was a 5-part series of horror shows that aired over
the British Broadcasting Corporation's BBC-4.  The shows were heard
Wednesday afternoon and were broadcast in stereo.  All shows were
approximately 45 minutes long.  The stories take place in the
present and are very much modern shows.

It struck me odd that these shows originally aired in the afternoon.
They're much more suited for listening in a darkened room with a
fire burning low in the fireplace.  A fun listen.

Chronological Log:

Date          Day  Num  Title / Description
------------  ---  ---  ---------------------------------------------
14 Feb, 1984  Tue   1   "Figures", A modern ghost story with an
                            unusual twist.  Instead of ghosts of the
                            past, it deals with ghostly images from
                            the future.

21 Feb, 1984  Tue   2   "Mrs. M.", She's is the caretaker of a little
                            English country bed-and-breakfast where
                            people go to lose their troubles.  Maybe
                            they lose too much.

28 Feb, 1984  Tue   3   "Origami", A story of possession.  It centers
                            around a Japanese man, living and working
                            in modern day England and the spirit of a
                            woman who's husband was killed in World
                            War II.

06 Mar, 1984  Tue   4   "Dracula In White", An eerie tale of a
                            brilliant scientist's approach to deal
                            with crime and punishment on a budget.

13 Mar, 1984  Tue   5   "Witch Water Green", A story of an English
                            country-side manor, complete with a pond
                            that holds some awful secrets.

Listen to Spine Chillers

(19.4 mb; 42:27 min.)

Mrs. M
(20.5 mb; 44:56 min.)

(20.3 mb; 44:21 min.)

Dracula In White
(20.2 mb; 44:10 min.)

Witch Water Green
(25.1 mb; 54:55 min.)

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